What is the best robot pool cleaner?

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What is the best robot pool cleaner?

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool, you will be responsible for keeping it up for the rest of your life. A robotic pool cleaner (aka RPC) reduces the stress of pool ownership by providing a tool for quick, simple, and hassle-free pool cleaning.

What is a robotic pool cleaner in the first place?

Robotic pool cleaners are compact, lightweight wheeled machines that crawl along the surface of a pool while cleaning it. They typically sport a small electric motor and a catchment for debris. The motor creates suction to remove the dirt and debris. Additionally, many robotic cleaners also use small brushes to dislodge stubborn particles of slime, dirt, and algae. When the robot removes the dirt, it is stored in a separate catchment area which is removed and emptied.

Why do we need a robotic pool cleaner and my recommendation?

Due to the nature of my line of work, I've tried a range of vacuum cleaning and pool cleaning products. Among the several robotic pool cleaners in various price ranges that I have used personally and later saw being analyzed, the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 pro struck me as the most flexible, high-value, and uncompromising robotic pool cleaner. With its variety of features and affordable price in 2023, I am confident that it is the best one yet.

With that out of the way, there are numerous reasons why you would be interested in a robotic pool cleaner – be that from any brand. Beyond the trivial ones like ease of use and saving time, here are a few salient rationales.

- Energy Efficient: In 2023, considering inflation and sustainability of the environment, efficiency is a paramount feature to have in a gadget. Some robotic pool cleaners are so energy-efficient that a 3-hour cycle only costs 15 cents to run them. You will save money and virtually no energy will be used in your home as a result. If lowering the carbon footprint of your home is vital to you, this kind of device can assist you in maintaining your pool without adversely affecting the energy usage of your house.

- Effective for Cleaning Walls and Water Line Tiles: Because they are so strong, many pool cleaners also clean the water line, walls, and floors! The first time your robot climbs your pool wall reverses and descends, you'll be amazed.

- Runs Independently of the Pool System: Your robotic cleaner doesn't need to be on at the same time as the pool pump and other pool elements because many models have their power supply that operates separately from the pool system. There are also some pool cleaners with a battery pack. Read the device specifications to learn how long the battery lasts if you purchase a pool cleaner with a battery pack.

As such you can see why one would highly appreciate having an RPC of your own.

Why do I consider the Cyber 1200 Pro the best and why should you consider buying one?

Here is a brief explanation of the features that have me so delighted and the reasons I purchased it for multiple friends and family. It checks all the boxes for which an RPC changes someone’s lifestyle for the better as discussed above – and dials it up to eleven with several unique attributes. Furthermore, the Cyber 1200 pro is more than simply a gadget thanks to its innovative engineering and user-friendly features; it's a companion for the pool.

· Fast charge and endurance: The Cyber 1200 Pro makes its mark as a perfect companion for the modern 2023 household with its fast-charging feature resulting in utmost endurance. It takes three hours to charge for up to 120 minutes of use which translates to three full cleanings a day.

· Suitable for flat-bottom pools: It goes beyond the classic home pool sizes and tackles large pools with flat bottoms effortlessly. It can clean large semi-above/inground flay bottom pools with up to 1,076 square feet with a maximum depth of 6.56 feet (2 meters). The thoughtful engineering behind the Ofuzzi 1200 Pro draws a perfect balance of comprehensive pool maintenance and effortless endurance, bringing the best of both worlds.

· Interactive LED Circles: Another aspect the engineers at Ofuzzi re-imagined is how users will interact with a device like a robotic pool cleaner in the 1200 Pro. Borrowing from years of user-experience analyses, Ofuzzi implemented a color-based interactive solution marking one of the most intuitive modes of human-machine interaction in the Cyber 1200 Pro. Its interactive LED circles use a dynamic lighting scheme to naturally convey the machine status to the user where green light flashing indicates the robot is functioning normally, rapid green light flashing indicates low battery, while the red-light flashing indicates malfunctions.

· Upgraded suction power: One of the primary ways the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro dethrones its older model the Cyber 1200 Pro as the company’s flagship is through its sheer power. Equipped with new and upgraded dual suction adaptors and dual motors of 50W, it boasts enormous suction power which quantifies to 1.5 times the garbage absorption prowess over earlier generations.

· Compact yet powerful: A key feature of pool cleaners is that they must be compact. To achieve this, often power is compromised. Ofuzzi’s design and engineering behind the Cyber 1200 Pro make no compromises in power while keeping the form factor extremely compact. Powered by its dual 50W motors, this tiny device does away with all the filth one can think of – from leaves and branches to heavy-duty grime and debris. It is geared towards empowering you with effortless cleaning prowess without touching the water by the user.


Ofuzzi is a fairly younger yet dynamic brand in the RPC space but it brings with it a venerable record of international awards and consumer acclaim in the home cleaning arena. So, it is no slouch compared to more renowned brands such as Dolphin, Aiper, or Polaris. The following table is a peek at a comparative presentation of several popular models and the Cyber 1200 Pro.

Now, in comparison to the Dolphin E10, the Cyber 1200 Pro has a faster charging time of 3 hours - which is 1.5x less than the E10. As for run time, the 1200 Pro gives you 120 minutes over the E10’s 90 minutes. Moreover, the Cyber 1200 Pro is more versatile being able to cater to in-ground, semi-underground, and overground pools whereas the E10 is designed for overground pools only. Last but not least comes the value proposition. With all its novel features, the Cyber 1200 Pro comes in at a competitive $359 compared to the E10 being priced at $599.

Where to buy

You can pick up the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro from the major platform Amazon with all the perks of super-fast logistics, 30-day returns, and so forth, directly from Ofuzzi’s official website.

Concluding remarks

Ofuzzi’s several lines of vacuum cleaning solutions have triumphed in sales on Amazon by topping its charts multiple times and received rave reviews from customers and influencers alike not only for the novel innovations but also for offering extremely high-value propositions. With a trail of success, the Cyber 1200 Pro is the most ambitious and intelligent offering from Ofuzzi to date. As such to me, it is the highlight RPC of 2023.