How do I pick a swimming pool cleaner for my pool?

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How do I pick a swimming pool cleaner for my pool?

If you own a pool, you will have to maintain it for the rest of your life. Pool ownership is made less stressful by a robotic pool cleaner because you have a tool to make cleaning the pool quicker, easier, and hassle-free.

Why do we need a robotic pool cleaner?

The most practical approach to keeping your pool clean is robotic pool cleaners (also known as pool bots or RPCs). It has several qualities that combine to make it more intelligent than all the pool cleaning equipment. The advantages are manifold.

It is a smart device: Being automatic and intelligent, it can work independently without your constant supervision. Using a bot is like having a reliable sidekick who cleans while you're busy doing something else.

Water filtration is enhanced: A good RPC performs better and more quickly than a regular pool cleaner, assuming it has a great pump system. To keep the water circulating and the trash from accumulating on the floor, it has a "tail" that wags behind the apparatus. The water is more transparent after washing thanks to this method, which guarantees excellent cleaning. It can pick up both small and large debris.

More efficient cleaning than common suction cleaners: With RPC, you don't need to turn on the pool's pump and filter system since the machine already has them. Most bots are energy efficient and consume around 60-70 watts per hour which is a very minimal amount of energy, even lesser than what a lightbulb consumes. As a result, it cleans all parts of your pool without causing your bill to skyrocket.

How to choose the right robotic pool cleaner for you

There are many options, and they all have different features. First-time buyers may need help figuring out what they need. The good news is that this is much easier than it seems. The following parameters will guide you toward your perfect robotic pool cleaner.

1. Right for your swimming pool type: First, you must know your pool. What kind of surface does it have? Most robotic cleaners these days can handle any pool surface. For slick tile or a fiberglass pool, look for a cleaner that has a soft, super-grip PVA brush. For other surfaces, wheeled or universal rubber PVC brushes will work just fine. Secondly, there are two major types of pools based on how they are built. There are primarily two types of pools - aboveground and inground. Aboveground pools are ones that the pool owners themselves can assemble. Most aboveground pools are simple in size and shape and are likely for family use only. Choose a robotic pool cleaner that caters to the needs of aboveground pools. In contrast, an inground pool is more concrete and has a solid foundation. They are built by digging up the ground and forming a pool. If you have an inground pool, choosing a robotic pool cleaner specializing in this type would be ideal.

2. Spot cleaning: A majority of robotic pool cleaners need more than the ability of spot cleaning with 100% coverage. The ideal RPC would be able to clean even the most minor stains with zero blind spots.

3. Advanced filtration systems: Stand-alone, it operates independently from your pool's existing filtration system. To be effective, the most high-tech and efficient filtration system you can get is the one to opt for. Keep reading for more details and my recommendation.

4. Auto-dock technology: You want your RPC to be as independent as possible. With the advent of modern engineering, the best ones are likely to have automated docking technology. This enables the RPC to come to you once it is done and just let go anywhere when you want to clean – avoiding you getting wet.

5. Runtime and quick charge: A home pool usually takes an RPC over an hour or even longer – which is why the longer the runtime you get the better. 60 minutes should be the bare minimum on one full charge. In terms of charging, now that quick charge is getting adopted in devices, search for an RPC that has quick charging capabilities, so that you can charge it for a short time and use it for a magnitude of over an hour at a time.

Consider these points a checklist to watch out for if you are in the market for a robotic pool cleaner.

What do I recommend and why

Considering the industry I work in, I have had experience with a myriad of vacuum and pool cleaning solutions. Among different price brackets that I have used myself and seen being analyzed, most recently, the most versatile with high-value yet no-compromise robotic pool cleaner to me is the Ofuzzi Cyber 1000. With its numerous features at a wallet-friendly price, I foresee it as the best one to date in 2023.

Here is a nice overview of why I am so impressed with its features and why I bought it for several friends and family members. For a thorough assessment, compare this to the checklist and the criteria listed in the preceding section. Furthermore, the Cyber 100's novel engineering and user-friendly features make it more than just a gadget—it's a true sidekick.

- Intuitive - one button from a sparkling clean pool: You only need to flip a switch, drop the pool robot into the water, and a spotlessly clean pool welcomes you. Use water to rinse the machine's bottom and filter after cleaning. Quick and simple without having to make your hands filthy.

- Auto-dock technology: Aha! There you have it – right from the checklist. A major highlight of the device is Ofuzzi's Auto-Dock Technology. With this novel tech, the Cyber 1000 keeps the user dry while keeping the pool immaculate. After cleaning, it automatically arrives at the pool wall for the user to conveniently pull it up with its hook or floating handle.

- Fast charge and endurance: The Cyber 1000 makes its mark as a perfect companion for the modern 2023 household with its fast-charging feature resulting in utmost endurance. It takes 2.5 hours to charge for up to 95 minutes of use which translates to three full cleanings daily. It clearly satisfies the recommended parameter and then some.

- Ease of use: With the lightweight cordless design, you only need to turn a knob to start moving! With the Cyber 1000, you may complete the task without being concerned about tangled cables or short circuits, which is very practical and secure.

- Easy to MaintainMaintenance is a significant hassle for pool cleaners. However, for Cyber 1000, maintenance is a mere one-step process. After cleaning, you need to rinse the filter and the bottom of the machine with water. And tada – you're done!

Where to buy

You can get it for a steal on Amazon at the dawn of 2023. Whether it's momentum from the holiday festivities or the thrust as we approach valentine's day, there are often coupons available to avail on the giant retailer, i.e., Amazon. So, you can grab it on Amazon.

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Concluding Remarks

Value for money has increased dramatically as a result of intelligent engineering's pervasive development. For prices that were unthinkable merely a few years ago, you can now get a robotic pool cleaning for your pool. Ofuzzi's Cyber 1000 is an excellent illustration of this. That such an amazing product was created while keeping the cost within the means of the American middle class is a magnificent credit to the clever engineers who made all the right judgments.