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Cyber 1200 Pro
The Cyber 1200 Pro is the culmination of all Ofuzzi has learned from its unparalleled experience. The flagship cordless robotic pool cleaner has signature smart features, including dual motors and extended running time, that deliver unprecedented performance. A proprietary intelligent navigation system and novel algorithmic solution for complete pool surface coverage. Innovative Core Lighting Interaction and user-friendly features make pool maintenance a breeze.
Having These Struggles?
The benefits that a cordless robotic pool cleaner can bring you:
  • Save money, power, water, and chemicals.
  • Runs independently of the pool system and is energy-efficient.
  • Helps maintain the pool's chemical balance.
  • User-friendly and requires low maintenance.
Key Features
When the industry follows the trend of decent designs, the Cyber 1200 Pro overdelivers with not one but two unrivaled 50W motors. Always being a leader, never the follower, the flagship robot pool cleaner exhibits 1.5 times more garbage absorption over bygones leaving no space for compromises.
The Cyber 1200 Pro is the ultimate in fast charging, requiring only 3 hours to charge for up to 120 minutes of operation, the equivalent of 3 full cleanings per day. What's more, it's unique in the industry and is equally suited for in-ground, semi-inground, and above-ground pools!
Thanks to numerous user studies and inspired by Nielsen's UX research, the Cyber 1200 Pro offers a whole new level of human-machine interaction. Ofuzzi implemented a color-based interactive solution that characterizes the top-of-the-line model's most intuitive interaction capabilities. The Core Lighting Interaction utilized for a dynamic lighting scheme to convey the machine's status.
With its auto-dock technology, the swimming pool cleaner is committed to keeping you dry while keeping your pool immaculate. After cleaning (or low battery state), it will arrive at the pool wall for you to conveniently pull it up with its hook or floating handle.
After cleaning the pool, you can simply rinse the filter and the bottom of the machine with water. Quick and easy without getting your hands dirty.
Takes on All Shapes and Surfaces
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