What are some reasons why a handheld vacuum might be more powerful than a full sized one?

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What are some reasons why a handheld vacuum might be more powerful than a full sized one?

“Bigger is better” is one of the most common misconceptions when cleaning your home or car. The reasons are in technology and engineering. There are several well-known brands of vacuum cleaners available. Full-sized vacuum cleaners from renowned manufacturers like Black & Decker, Shark, Dyson, Bissell, and Samsung range in price from $300 to several thousand. However, handheld vacuum cleaners with sharp engineering can be even more powerful. They also come in handy when you need to clean the deepest crannies under the sofa, difficult-to-reach spaces on wooden floors, the carpets of the cars, pet furs, gadgets, and the trickiest spots (and even while you're on the move). Moreover, you cannot transport a 50 lbs. upright vacuum cleaner in a car or even to the garage. You can resolve this using portable handheld vacuum cleaners that are cordless. They eliminate a significant headache for families with children, cars, and pet owners.

Take, for instance, some well-known traditional upright vacuum cleaners like the Shark AZ2002 or the Black & Decker Power Series vs. a portable handheld solution like the Slim H7 Pro. The former ones are larger and take on a big profile. They also use the traditional brushed motors that suck power in magnitudes of an air conditioner. On the other hand, slim, portable, handheld solutions with stellar engineering utilizing next-gen brushless motors are compact and highly efficient with more power. The efficient power is helpful for ease of use and portability and offers a more eco-friendly and powerful solution at a fraction of the price.

Why are well-engineered portable, handheld vacs more powerful and versatile than traditional ones?

As alluded to earlier, the more advancement we see in the R&D in the cleaning sector, the good vacs are getting cheaper, and reasonably priced handheld vacs are getting better than their counterparts. As such, for a multitude of reasons, thoughtfully engineered compact vacuum cleaners outpace traditional vacs. Let’s dive into the details.

- More motor power: Smaller dustbins and compact designs are prevalent in handheld vacuums, enabling them to use higher-wattage motors that offer more suction power. Full-sized vacuums, on the other hand, frequently have larger dustbins and heavier bodies, which may necessitate less potent motors.

- Easier and faster to clean messes, especially on wood floors: When it comes to household cleaning, upright vacs have been the go-to for decades. However, this has changed drastically in recent years. Due to their lightweight portability, handheld vacuum cleaners are more efficient at removing dust and debris from wooden surfaces. They can also reach into small spots that conventional vacuum cleaners cannot, like below furniture. Furthermore, handheld vacuum cleaners frequently come with soft-bristled brushes that are kind to wooden flooring. As such, for the most comprehensive dust and debris removal from the household, a portable handheld vacuum cleaner wins the race in power.

- When living in a small space: Handheld portable vacuum cleaners are ideal for confined locations due to their compact form. Since they are lightweight and portable, you may quickly move them around in limited spaces like small apartments, dorm rooms, and cars. Due to their miniature size, they may be conveniently stored in small closets or cabinets while taking up the least amount of room. Moreover, you can’t even fit an upright vac for usage in smaller spaces.

- Handheld vacuums are compact and easy to use: Handheld vacuum cleaners' mobility and convenience are among their most important benefits. These compact, lightweight vacs are simple to move around the house, perfect for rapid clean-ups and addressing awkward spaces. You can easily clean stairs, upholstery, car interiors, and other tight spaces with handheld portable vacuum cleaners as opposed to regular vacuum cleaners, which are heavy to carry. Moreover, there are many such feared circumstances, like when it is only minutes before a guest arrives or gets in the car, or a bowl suddenly plummets in the kitchen spreading food into the crevices under the stove, or your child throws up in the car. They are a godsend in such situations because they are super simple to use - usually with one or two button presses.

- Convenient to carry anywhere, even when driving a car: Moving a traditional vacuum cleaner is a big undertaking. Forget about using them on the go! With their increased mobility, handheld portable vacuum cleaners let you carry them wherever you go and conveniently store them in your car’s trunk or glove compartment. So, they are an excellent option for keeping the cleanliness of confined spaces in your cars, thanks to their portability.

- For narrow and hard-to-reach corners: It’s challenging to maneuver traditional vacs, especially in confined, limited places or around tight corners. With their increased mobility, handheld portable vacuum cleaners let you access spaces that would be challenging to clean with a full-size vacuum. Portable vacs are tailor-made to be lightweight and easy to use, making it simple for you to clean tight spaces such as below furniture, between cushions, along baseboards, and around corners. They are great options for spot cleaning and keeping your home clean in areas that are difficult to access because of their flexibility and portability.

- With fairer prices and highly affordable: In comparison to traditional brands like Shark, Dyson, and Black & Decker, innovative engineers have developed more competitive solutions, and things are just getting better. A Dyson V7 or a Shark 2002 usually costs $500 or more. However, portable handheld solutions like the Slim H7 Pro, which costs less than $100, are significantly more comfortable and feature-rich for the job at hand - spotless precision cleaning. Even when compared to name brands, a portable one costs less than 1/5th the price. Therefore, the value proposition skyrockets when it comes to portable handheld vacs.

What brand and model of handheld vacuum would I recommend and why?

Now for the real deal. The Slim H7 Pro from Ofuzzi, a brand that is a veteran in portable cleaning, is my everyday companion and gets my recommendation. It has replaced my Dyson V7, which I bought for over $500 several years ago. This new handheld vacuum cleaner satisfies all of my desired criteria (noted above) at a price under $100 - that radically rethinks the value proposition in the portable vacuum cleaner market. It is available on Amazon for a terrific early-bird discount.

Reasons for my recommendation

In short - it reaps all the benefits I have discussed in the beginning, contrasting handhelds to traditional vacs. As icing on the cake, it brings tons of more features to the table, and the salient features to watch out for are discussed below.

- It’s lightweight and compact: Crevices and corners are a non-issue for the Slim H7 Pro! With it, cleaning is more straightforward than you can ever imagine. You can use the Slim H7 Pro to clean the house or the car effortlessly or even transport it to another location in a vehicle. The Slim H7 Pro blends utility and cordless design with its elegant curves and vibrant options, and it only weighs 1 lb., which is as little as a bottle of water. The 47mm-diameter handle has a superb ergonomic grip and a sophisticated, non-slip texture design on the surface. No weariness even after extended use!

- Mighty performance with low noise: Thanks to its powerful suction capability, you can clean any surface with stubborn dust and particles. Long service life and security are guaranteed with a 75,000 rpm brushless motor. The innovative noise reduction system makes powerful suction possible while maintaining low noise.

- Ultimate efficiency with brushless motor: Using a brushless motor in Ofuzzi’s engineering brings many benefits. While a brushless motor's lifespan is around ten times greater than a brushed motor's, its weight is just 45% of the latter's. The brushless motor is 3.5x quicker than a brushed motor and has 2 times greater suction power. A brushed motor is 1.5 times more efficient than a traditional motor. As a result, you receive a top-notch engineering marvel for a great price.

- LED Light: The Slim H7 Pro’s powerful LED light improves dust visibility in the dark, enabling immaculate cleaning even in hidden nooks and dead corners, making it the perfect choice for cleaning corners and crevices in cars and homes. Can you fathom getting this for less than $100 when you used to pay $500 or more for them in the past? Moreover, the thoughtful feature set is awe-inspiring.

- Two-speed modes for ultimate versatility: It has two-speed modes to accommodate two levels of suction force for your varied cleaning requirements. Additionally, a full charge of the USB-C connector takes only two hours. It is comprehensive and energy-efficient because of its high-speed gear, which can be operated continuously for 12 minutes in regular mode and 27 minutes in ECO mode. The clear indicator lights provide an instantaneous peek at the operations and battery condition. You only need to grab a phone charger to get started and begin cleaning upon charging. It’s that simple!


New Arrival Sales

Being its maiden voyage into the market, Ofuzzi is offering an unprecedented discount on the Slim H7 Pro. Ofuzzi is not new in the cleaning space by any means, though. After Ofuzzi’s trailblazing triumph in larger vacs and robot pool cleaners, we are offering a “New Arrival Sale” for this model. The best part is that since it is on Amazon, you can obtain it in a day or two using the best and fastest logistics. With their assistance, you also have a 30-day return window in case you don't like it—a really improbable scenario for such a remarkable device.

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Concluding Remarks

I would heartily recommend the Slim H7 Pro for both quick and deep cleaning, whether at home or while traveling, or if you need to reach places you've never dared before. In my opinion, the main priority in every household and overall way of life is health. The Ofuzzi Sim H7 Pro definitely lives up to my expectations in that sense without costing me a fortune. I sincerely hope the Slim H7 Pro and the opinions expressed above help you establish a tidy and healthy home the way it ought to be.