What are the best home cleaning and deep cleaning tips for Christmas?

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What are the best home cleaning and deep cleaning tips for Christmas?

It may sound like a trivial question, but a lot can hang in the balance of the merriest day of the year. It is often the day one meets your child’s to-be-other-half, your boss might be invited, and in-laws make their presence known. So, preparing the household in an immaculate fashion is extremely sensible during the Christmas season.

Sequence matters!

Before diving into details, it is important to get the priorities straight. You would want to clean in order of importance as follows (the first being the most important):

1. Hallway: This is where guests roam the most

2. Kitchen: Always a staple during Christmas activities

3. Bathroom/Toilet: A tricky but important one (trivially)

4. Living Room/Area: It’s where everyone will gather around

5. Bedroom: Not many may enter but why not be prim and clean on this wonderful day?

Here are some tips for the most important parts of the house.

Tips to clean the kitchen and hallwayOf course, starting with the first priorities, begin with the kitchen and hallways as most guests will be spending their time there.

1. Vacuum the floor. If you have carpets, it’s a must!

2. Put all the shoes in the shoe cabinet, clothes, and bags – on the coat hanger.

3. Throw away any old papers, empty bags, and other things that usually get forgotten

4. If you have tiles in your hallway wipe them with a mop and hot water.

5. Pick up all empty packages and food leftovers and throw them in the bin (and take out the trash).

6. Put all the dirty dishes in the sink or directly into your dishwasher.

7. Vacuum the floor and if needed – wipe it with a moist mop soaked in hot water.

8. Wipe up all the surfaces with a clean cloth, soaked in a solution made from warm water and multipurpose cleaner like Mr. Clean (but you take your pick).

9. Vacuum under the furniture like futons or footrests.

Tips to clean the bathroom/toilet: No one cares even if this grosses you out - what needs to be done, must be done. So, here are some tips:

1. Pour a generous amount of disinfectant evenly into the toilet bowl, bathtub, and sink and leave it like this for 10 minutes.

2. Wipe the floor with a slightly moist mop.

3. Change the towels with clean ones and drop them in the laundry basket.

4. Rinse the disinfectant after you're done with everything else.

5. Wipe the mirror with a clean rag soaked in rubbing alcohol.

With a similar philosophy of the hallway, you can easily take care of the living room and bedrooms. But there is something very tricky in the grand scheme of things. It is often hard to reach narrow surfaces to clean, which is why some places go uncleaned for years. Often small debris, objects, and crumbs must be picked up by home vacs. This can be a health hazard in the long run and practically an embarrassment in front of guests. So, I am dedicating a section just for this.

Tools to suck out hard and small objects such as crumbs, debris, fur, and pet hair, among others

If you ask ten people you might get ten answers, but some common answers are narrow tweezers, magic mops with suction, needles, and other homegrown solutions. But they have their own limitations and imperfections. Moreover, it makes a ton of time investment to do. So, I (along with my friends) have picked up the most versatile handheld portable vacuum cleaner from Amazon for a bargain during the Christmas sale. You may consider one too.

The Ofuzzi H9 Pro – lending a hand during Christmas for immaculate cleaning

Here is a brief rundown on an objective evaluation of why I am so feature-wise enamored by them and bought one for myself and multiple family members.

The H9 Pro is the brand’s flagship portable handheld vacuum cleaner with all the bells and whistles of $500+ vacuum cleaners at 1/5th the price. I will elaborate on the feature set below but it really blew me away this season. This USB-C charged supremely versatile gadget was a Godsend for my carpets thanks to the dogs’ fur and my kids’ crumbs. More technically, it is a handheld vacuum cleaner with 40AW (13 kPa) surging power which implies outstandingly powerful suction that picks up visible crumbs and dirt alongside fine dust and pet hair. Its 80,000RPM motor and 600mL dust tank rival the ones in the kilobuck range. It is quite a marvel that its stellar performance makes no compromise while keeping it extremely quiet.

It comes with the most extended crevice tool I have ever encountered on such a tiny device, alongside a myriad of handy accessories. It Includes a crevice nozzle for narrow spaces, two for surfaces like sofas or beds, which is a blessing for removing pet hair from difficult-to-reach areas, and one for general use alongside the car. Besides, the crevice nozzle can be used with other accessories. It's a do-it-all solution for Christmas cleaning.

Secondly, it is ultra-lightweight! At only 2.24 lbs., I can put one hand under the sofa with the H9 Pro and drink a soda with my other hand. The slick design of it is easy to grip and comfortable to hold causing zero fatigue. Another unique feature of the H9 Pro is the innovative cyclonic system swirls debris and dust away from the filter for consistent and powerful suction.

Moreover, it has an LED light fulfilling my needs for a clear line of sight while showing battery life and other metrics on a screen.

Given it checks all the boxes and goes even further in innovative cleaning, the H9 Pro is a no-brainer for me. So, the H9 Pro gets my full recommendation.

User Reviews

There are tons of verified customer reviews on Amazon for the H9 Pro. I recommend you check them out though I am sharing a few excerpts here. Still, reading the complete ones make sense to be sure I am not cherry-picking here.

Amazon user sauci1 wrote. “This vacuum is perfect for me! My kitty tracks litter which this vac picks up very well. Now I don’t have to drag my larger vac out just for light cleaning. It’s great for cat hair even on furniture. This has made my life so much easier. I can’t believe how light it is and nice the power is. I’m thrilled! Highly recommend.” Harry S. noted in their review, “This Ofuzzi vacuum is excellent, and very high quality. Very good suction for debris on floors, etc. between my housekeeper's visits as I can no longer use my corded upright.”

Where to Buy and Deals

As of writing, the most wonderful time of the year is knocking on the door. This Christmas, if you are considering keeping the household spotless, these are worth a look. You can grab the H9 Pro on the special Christmas pricing during the month of December at a huge discount on Amazon.


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Concluding Thoughts

Christmas is the most joyous time but a hectic one nonetheless for the ones who maintain a house. As such, any assistance we get goes a long way. It would be great if my post helped anyone out. Also, I learned that with the ubiquitous development in thoughtful engineering, value for money has skyrocketed. The Ofuzzi H9 Pro embodies just that: keeping the price within reach and the household clean for the American middle-class this Christmas.