What do you think about a robotic pool cleaner?

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What do you think about a robotic pool cleaner?

Cleaning and maintaining a pool used to be a never-ending and labor-intensive ordeal. Using your existing pool pump to connect a suction tube is hard work and means you have to get wet.

The good news is that now robot pool cleaners, which are basically self-automated, have moved on leaps and bounds in recent years. They are much easier to use and way more efficient, and thanks to a competitive market, they are much more affordable than they were a few years ago.

There are quite a few options to choose from on the market now. Some are obviously better than others, but one that really stands out is the new Cyber 1200Pro from Ofuzzi. This thing takes cleaning and maintaining your pool to another level. Plus, it looks extremely cool while it’s doing it!

Suction Power

Probably the most important factor when choosing a pool cleaner is how powerful its suction is. Most vacuums out there can suck up 90% of the dross that congregates at the bottom of your pool. However, that extra 10% of heavier debris is more difficult to shift, and so you are left with small specks and bits of dirt on the bottom.

Ofuzzi has eradicated this problem completely. The Cyber 1200 Pro has taken suction power to new levels with its dual (yes, there are two of them) 50W motors. They have also doubled up on their innovative suction adapters. Meaning this is one of the most powerful robot pool cleaners on the market, at up to 1.5 times more powerful than its closest competitor.

Fast Charging and Endurant

Having a powerful vacuum with no fussing about cables is awesome. But how long does it take to charge and does it last long?

Well, you’ll never need to worry about this little beauty running out of juice! In just three hours, it’s fully charged and ready to clean at an optimal level for 120 minutes. That’s enough to clean the average pool three times a day! If you’re using it for a bigger pool, the Cyber 1200 Pro has you covered.

It doesn’t just do classic home pool sizes. It can easily handle large semi-above/inground flay bottom pools of up to 1076 square feet.

It does this all by itself. Once you get it started, the Cyber 1200 Pro gets on with the task, with no need for any monitoring or intervention. Just kick back and let it do its thing.

Core Lighting Interaction

If you do feel the need to check up on your hard-working little buddy during one of its pool cleaning sessions, it keeps you informed about how it’s getting on with its Core Lighting Interaction. This is a clear and bright light display that sits on top of the device. If it's green and flashing at a normal speed, that means that everything is working as it should be and it’s doing what it does best, making your pool spotlessly clean.

A red light flashing tells you that there is a problem with the machine. If the light is green and flashing quickly, then the battery is low.

Auto Dock technology

If your battery is low, it's not a problem. This clever device will trundle over to the side of the pool when it is close to running out of juice. You can then easily pick it up with its custom-made hook and lift it out of the pool for charging. It also comes to the side of the pool when it is done with the cleaning.

This is a great feature because it means that it never shuts down in the middle of the pool, so you won’t ever need to climb in and retrieve it. This machine is dedicated to convenience and to keeping you dry!

Innovative Navigation Path

The Cyber 1200 Pro is also seriously dedicated to cleaning your pool incredibly well, eliminating every bit of dirt and debris and giving you a better finish than other pool cleaners.

This is where the Cyber 1200 Pro sets itself apart from the rest. It uses a new and unique technology, brilliantly devised by the engineers at Ofuzzi, called the Intelligent Dual Navigation Path. This uses an innovative design feature that was first introduced on the Cyber 1000.

Basically, instead of using the traditional touch-and-go method used by all other robot pool cleaners, the Cyber 1200 Pro uses a method that sees it turn back when it reaches halfway across the pool. This ensures that there are no dead zones at the pool's center.

Pool cleaners that use the touch-and-go method often leave dirt or smears in the middle of the pool, which is obviously not good. However, the clever algorithm on the Cyber 1200 Pro ensures complete coverage and a totally spotless result, every time.

This cleaning method is a real game-changer. Ofuzzi’s pool cleaning rivals claim to be completely self-automotive, and while there are some good ones out there, it's fair to say that they don’t get a completely immaculate finish as the Cyber 1200 Pro does.

Simplify Your Cleaning

Ofuzzi is a high-end brand that uses the latest technology to make cleaning easy and fun. They use novel ways in their approach to cleaning. Their engineers are dedicated to producing top-quality and innovative cleaning machines, and they follow the philosophy of saying no to mediocrity and settling for average products.

All of their products have a really great user-friendly feel, which makes them a pleasure to use, and the Cyber 1200 Pro is no different. A product manager at Ofuzzi, Ryan Lee, is acutely aware of how important it is to make people’s lives easier and to make cleaning more of a pleasure than a chore, and he makes this clear in the brand’s mission statement:

At Ofuzzi, we focus on making every family's life easy and enjoyable through cutting-edge technology and innovative product design. Get cleaning simplified, we have your back.”

Ofuzzi is on a mission to make your life easier, and it really comes through in the products that they design, which is echoed in their vision statement. “By making cleaning easier, we enable families to embrace a more enjoyable, healthy, and relaxing life. We bring innovative cleaning products into every family so that everyone can enjoy the improved quality of life brought about by state-of-the-art technology".

Let the Cyber 1200 Pro Do the Dirty Work

It’s pretty satisfying when you’ve finished using this cleaner because there is nothing like sitting back and looking at a pristine pool, especially on a sunny day. When the pool is clean, it just looks and feels so good.

You can say goodbye to getting wet and messing around with cords, pumps, and hoses. It can be really easy to let your pool slip into a state of being dirty because keeping it clean is hard work if you don’t have an easy-to-use product like the Cyber 1200 Pro. It’s not very inviting if your pool looks dirty.

Those days are gone! This super smart, automated, and cordless pool cleaner does all that hard work for you, so all you have to do is dive in!

To grab one at the discounted price (with an $80 time-limited coupon) of just $319.97, head over to Amazon now and get yourself the best pool cleaner available. It’s a great investment, and it will bring joy back to your pool sessions!

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