Apart from Dolphin, is there any good robotic pool cleaner brand recommended?

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Apart from Dolphin, is there any good robotic pool cleaner brand recommended?

A backyard pool is a wonderful place to spend time with loved ones, whether you're swimming around with the family or sipping cocktails poolside with friends. Even while it may seem like a difficult effort to keep your pool spotless and clear of dirt, there are several robotic pool cleaner options that can handle your regular pool maintenance, so you don't have to. To this aim, several popular brands including Dolphin, Polaris, and Aiper, are among one new players in the arena with a blazing track record in the home cleaning space.

Apart from Dolphin, what other brand(s) would I recommend?

All that said, given the nature of my work, let me introduce you to the robotic pool cleaner (RPC) that impressed me the most this year coming from a younger more dynamic company. I am speaking of the Cuber 1200 Pro from Ofuzzi. Ofuzzi is a relatively newer, active brand in the RPC market, but it has a trailblazing history of winning accolades from consumers and revered platforms around the world for its work in the home cleaning industry.

Why do I recommend the Cyber 1200 Pro?

Because of the sector I work in, I have utilized a range of vacuum cleaning and pool cleaning solutions. Out of all the robotic pool cleaners (RPCs) in the various price ranges that I have used firsthand and lately analyzed, the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro strikes me as the most flexible, high-value, and uncompromising model. I believe that in 2023, with all of its features and affordable pricing, it to be the best one yet. The Cyber 1200 Pro takes all the standard features of the top RPCs of the market and adds Ofuzzi's proprietary intelligent features and algorithms, such as a potent motor and guidance system that provides unprecedented power, a long runtime, auto-dock technology, an interactive interface, user-friendly features, and a cutting-edge algorithmic solution for full pool surface coverage. As such, it is worth it over many other name brands you are interested in a no-compromise RPC. More precisely, some highlights are as follows:

- Fast charge and endurance: The Cyber 1200 Pro distinguishes itself as the ideal companion for the contemporary 2023 household thanks to its fast-charging feature, which provides the greatest endurance. For up to 120 minutes of use, which equates to three thorough cleanings per day, it takes three hours to charge.

- Suitable for flat bottom pools: It easily handles huge pools with flat bottoms that are larger than the typical household pools. It has a maximum depth of 6.56 feet and can clean large semi-above/inground pools up to 1,076 square feet (2 meters). The Ofuzzi 1200 Pro's intelligent engineering strikes the ideal mix between effortless endurance and thorough pool maintenance, giving users the best of both worlds.

- Interactive LED Circles: How users would interact with technology like a robotic pool cleaner in the 1200 Pro is another element that Ofuzzi engineers re-envisioned. Incorporating a color-based interactive solution into the Cyber 1200 Pro, Ofuzzi drew on years of user-experience research to create one of the Cyber 1200 Pro's most user-friendly modalities of machine-human interaction. Green light flashing shows the robot is running normally, rapid green light flashing indicates low battery, and red light flashing indicates problems. This information is naturally conveyed to the user by the interactive LED circles' dynamic lighting design.

- Auto-dock technology: Another highlight of the device is Ofuzzi’s Auto-Dock Technology. With this novel tech, the Cyber 1200 Pro is committed to keeping the user dry while keeping the pool immaculate. After cleaning, it automatically arrives at the pool wall for the user to conveniently pull it up with its hook or floating handle.

- Easy to Maintain: Living up to Ofuzzi’s mission of user convenience, the usability and maintenance regimen is kept as smooth and streamlined as one can imagine. By simply turning the switch, and placing the Cyber 1200 Pro into the pool, users will be greeted with a sparkling clean pool. Furthermore, maintenance is a mere one-step process. After cleaning, users simply need to rinse the filter and the bottom of the machine with water. Praised thoroughly for their attention to user convenience, Ofuzzi brought the same flavor with even more vigor. The Cyber 1200 Pro commits quick and easy cleaning without getting a single hand dirty.

Comparison to the Dolphin E10

In comparison to the Dolphin E10, the Cyber 1200 Pro exhibits several advantages.

· Faster charging time: It has a faster charging time of 3 hours which is 1.5x less than the E10. This means less time preparing, and more time relaxing.

· Longer Running timeAs for the run period, the 1200 Pro gives you 120 minutes over the E10’s 90 minutes. This translates to stronger and repeated cleaning with more coverage for larger pools.

· VersatilityThe Cyber 1200 Pro is more versatile being able to cater to in-ground, semi-underground, and overground pools whereas the E10 is designed for overground pools only.

· Value for money: Last but not least comes the value proposition. With all its novel features, the Cyber 1200 Pro comes in at a competitive $359 compared to the E10 being priced at $599.

Availability/Where to buy?

Along with directly from Ofuzzi's official website, you may purchase the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro via Amazon's main platform with all the benefits of lightning-fast logistics, 30-day returns, and so on.


Concluding thoughts

The extensive application of smart engineering has resulted in a huge increase in value for money. For prices that were unheard of just a few years ago, you can now get a robotic pool cleaning for your pool. Ofuzzi's Cyber 1200 Pro is a wonderful illustration of this. I think it is a terrific testament to the intelligent engineers who were able to create such an amazing device while keeping the price within the means of American middle-class families – making it surpass many of its counterparts in the market.