What's the best way to quickly clean before guests arrive?

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What's the best way to quickly clean before guests arrive?

Living in the Midwest, we are very close and friendly to our neighbors. Living in a simple neighborhood, a new family moved in next door several months ago. While housewarming is a tradition here in Wisconsin, the new neighbors don't usually come over. But the Lamberts were super-friendly and went over having baked a pie the next day. I was pleasantly surprised but also hauntingly terrified as my place was a mess thanks to Wilson my Labrador and my 3-year-old toddler. While I ushered them into my backyard as they spoke among themselves, I had to rush back inside quickly for a swift cleaning of the house. Call me a stickler for household cleaning but I am sure you wouldn't want to leave a subpar impression on someone's first venture into your house.

As such, there is a large divide between deep cleaning for the holidays and quick and snappy cleaning for your peace of mind or a sudden guest. Here are some simple tips for such bittersweet situations for quick cleaning.

Basic Tips for Quick Cleaning

· Suck up dirt: To remove debris by the front door, quickly run the vacuum. But resist the urge to mop! Once guests arrive, they'll bring outside elements in with them, so do yourself a favor and leave deep cleaning for the next day.

· Surface clean only the rooms the company will be seeing: Quickly gather up things like dirty socks, last night’s ice cream bowl, and anything else that looks bad.

· Run a rag over the sink and counter in the bathroomShut the shower curtain or door and straighten the towels and rugs. Voila! You should be good to go.

· Certain smells make a house smell like it has been cleaned: Furniture polish is one of those smells. I spray some on the furniture right by the front door. This also makes people think you were cleaning.

· Organize stray shoes into a cabinet: Make a good impression on your guests' way in. If you don't have a floor bin near your door to corral shoes or have a dedicated cabinet, hide them in a cute shopping tote and hang them on your coat rack.

· Pick up pet hair (and debris): Roll a lint brush over your couch cushions, and lampshades - even over patches of an area rug - to pick up loose strands, fuzz, and larger pieces of dirt. If the floor needs it, reach for a handheld vacuum instead of wasting time sweeping up with a broom.

To reiterate, these are last-minute quick cleaning tips, and you should always do a deep cleaning when the time is right for you.

Are there any cleaning tools that can get started quickly?

In fact, there is - and I recently picked it up. A lifesaver during situations like these is ultra-compact vacuum cleaners that are marginally larger than a lipstick but more compact than a water bottle. An excellent one that I chose is the Ofuzzi Slim H7 Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Why should you consider the Slim H7 Pro for a quick clean?

As I mentioned in the tips about sucking up dirt and picking up hair and debris, this is a godsend. Beyond subjective impressions, here are a few highlights of this marvel and why I picked it.

- Lightweight and compact: Corners, crevices, hard-to-reach corners? No problem! With Ofuzzi Slim H7 Pro, cleaning is easier than your imagination. It allows you to quickly move around the house, clean a car or even put it in the car to take somewhere else. Weighing only as light as a bottle of water at 0.9lb, the Slim H7 Pro combines utility and cordless design with its stylish curves and colorful options. With the most outstanding ergonomic grip, which is 47mm in diameter, the handle surface's textured pattern is elegant and non-slip. I got no fatigue even after prolonged use!

- LED lights and optimized exhaust system: The bright LED light on the vacuum cleaner enhances dust visibility in the dark, which enables spotless cleaning even in the dead corners and hidden crevices, which is ideal for corner and crevice cleaning. Amazing for a quick clean.

- Mighty performance yet quiet: Its strong suction power removes stubborn dust and particles from any surface. A 90,000-rpm brushless motor ensures both long service life and security. The unique noise reduction system enables powerful suction while retaining low noise simultaneously. This is just perfect for unforeseen guests.

- Two versatile speed modes, USB-C charging, and convenient indicators: The device is equipped with two levels of suction power to meet varied cleaning needs making it incredibly versatile. Furthermore, the USB-C port can be fully charged in 2 hours. Its high-speed gear can be used continuously for 13 minutes whereas it can run for 28 minutes in ECO mode, making it comprehensive and energy efficient. The intuitive indicator light shows the operations and low battery status at a glance. Just grab a phone charger, and you are good to go!

- Three layers of filtration: Its perfect combo of pre-filter and HEPA filter with air outlet sponge combination achieves the most comprehensive filtration and eliminates secondary pollution. Both filters can be easily cleaned and reused. As a result, you can focus more on cleaning than dumping the trash with Its 90ml dust bin that can complete both quick and daily cleaning without frequent dust removal.

How do I use the Ofuzzi Slim H7 Pro?

Usability is often a concern for cleaning products. But using the Slim H7 Pro is simply a breeze. It is simply a two-step process.

Step 1: Assuming you have it charged, you first take it out and attach the appropriate attachment/crevice tool for the kind of area you are targeting to clean.

Step 2: Flick the switch to one of the two modes. And off you go! Sparkly clean areas in minutes!

As highlighted above as a convenience feature, it rocks a flashlight that you can turn on with a push of a button giving you a vivid line of sight even in the dark and helping you monitor dust.

To empty the trash inside and clean the HEPA filters, push on the back where it is indicated, and the back will slide open. The debris/dust never spills and makes any mess on your hands. Turn it down, and it will empty itself. Cleaning the Slim H7 Pro is trivial too. Just use warm water and nothing fancy for the HEPA filters. And just like that, it will stay like day one even after years of use.

Availability and where to get the Best Deals?

As the Slim H7 Pro is a debutant product in Ofuzzi’s long line of successes in larger vacs, there is a “New Arrival Discount” going on as of writing. Best of all, it’s on Amazon, so you get the best and fastest logistics to get it in a day or two. With their support, you also have a 30-day return policy should you not like it, which is extremely unlikely for such an impressive gadget.

Check out here to get a $20 coupon for the Slim H7 Pro.

Concluding Thoughts

Even though we all dread those incredible experiences of unexpected guests, accidental breaking of the jar, or baby throwing up, in hindsight, it all becomes fond memories once you successfully clean it up quickly. In making such pleasant memories, I hope the Slim H7 Pro and my tips above will help you create a clean and healthy household.