What are the benefits of using a portable vacuum cleaner?

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What are the benefits of using a portable vacuum cleaner?

Let’s look back into how and why portable vacuum cleaners became such a ubiquitous necessity in our lives. It’s quite fascinating really, but if you want to skip the exciting background, feel free to jump to the next section. It wasn’t until after World War II that vacuum cleaners became commonplace in American homes. The Western culture was more in need of vacuum cleaners because their homes typically had a large area of carpet that needed to be cleaned. Many exciting improvements have been made after the 50s. For instance, the Dyson Cyclone was created by James Dyson in 1985. This model, as well as many following models, used a detachable canister into which the dirt and debris were contained, unlike bags that was the norm before. But then entered portable and handheld vacs.

Paradigm Shift in Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

The portable handheld vacs of the yesteryears are completely different from the modern high-tech ones. Just as the car brought convenience to commuting, vacuum cleaners brought more leisure to homes. However, portable and handheld vacuum cleaners fill some very unique use cases that other gadgets simply cannot fulfill. Here, let’s dive in and discover them and see the sleekest recommendation without breaking the bank. Given their portability in your own household, they account for a very thoughtful gift during the holiday season as well. For instance, fashioning a Christmas tree is only half the story of Christmas, but as grownups, we need to clean up after the jolly time. That’s where a friend in need becomes a friend indeed in the form of a handheld vacuum cleaner.

In short, a handheld vacuum cleaner is actually a portable and relatively smaller version of the upright vacuum cleaner. This is a compact machine and has several advantages that make it quite popular. However, it is not meant for vacuuming huge areas. It is one of the most frequently used household appliances. Here are some of the advantages of using the super-smart and compact handheld vacuum cleaner. Now you can have easy access to both vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners’ accessories online. With the advent of more and more i-tech engineering at scale, you can get one for 1/5th the price of most brand name ones with more features, comfort, ergonomics, and sleek reach factor. The $500 of the yesteryears can be had under three digits now!

Advantages of portable handheld vacuum cleaner

Now let’s dive into the crux of the matter. Why would you consider buying a portable vacuum cleaner? It’s quite trivial really but there are some more nuances than you could imagine. Here are a few primary pointers as to why it is so relevant and essential in the fast-paced modern household.

· Lightweight and Compact for Quick Cleaning: Consider a sudden guest or a sudden bowl crashing down in your kitchen messing up the crevices under the stove, or your child throwing up in the car, among a myriad of such dreaded situations when it is only minutes till a guest arrives or gets on the car. There’s no time for deep cleaning, whatever needs to be done, must be done fast and precisely! A handheld vacuum cleaner is your best friend in these situations.

· Amazing Value Proposition (The lower price): Compared to conventional brand names like Dyson and Shark, new and novel engineers have come up with more competitive options in recent times, and things are only improving. As mentioned before, you no longer need to spend an arm and a leg for a Dyson V7 (which I got for over $500 almost half a decade ago) for my present one which cost under $100 and is far more comfortable and feature-rich for what it’s supposed to do – spotless precise cleaning. Even compared to brands like Shark run you over $200 for a handheld. In contrast, the impeccably designed option of my present handheld vacuum cleaner is smaller, more ergonomic, fatigue-free, and can reach places those never did.

· Versatility at its core (Multipurpose at home and on the go): Next comes the portability of the modern handheld vacuum cleaners. Be that at home when the bowl crashed, the toddler spilled the pasta – right before the guest arrives, or the newborn threw up before picking up the in-laws, the sleekest of the bunch is engineered with such a profile that you can carry in a pocket, or store in the car’s glove compartment while being competitive with a full-fledged upright vacuum cleaner. So, modern handhelds are versatile to their core when designed and engineered right.

· Reach Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine: Be it hardest to reach crevices, dark corners, or pet fur, the contemporary handhelds vacs are ideal. Even though I owned upright vacs, given the unparalleled reach factor of the well-designed ones handheld vacs can reach the depths of the hardest-to-reach spaces including but not limited to - under furniture, carpets, car mats, and up on the attic.

My Recommendation for the Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – is the Ofuzzi Slim H7 Pro

Enough of the foreplay, here’s the climax. The one I use now that has enabled me to ditch the classical (read, “outdated”) ones are the Ofuzzi Slim H7 Pro. It’s a relatively new handheld vacuum cleaner on Amazon that a be had for a great early-bird discount and it fits all my needs at a price that completely redefines the value proposition in the handheld vacuum cleaner arena. Besides my subjective praises (referring to every feature I discussed modern vacs should have), here are some of the objective highlights so you know why this replaced my larger and more expensive portable vacuum cleaners.

- Lightweight and compact: Corners and crevices? No problem! With Ofuzzi Slim H7 Pro, cleaning could be easier than your imagination. The H7 Pro allows you to quickly move around the house, clean a car or even put it in the car to take somewhere else. Weighing only as light as a bottle of water at 0.9lb, the H7 Pro combines utility and cordless design with its stylish curves and colorful options. Its cordless design is helpful to the elderly or those with back problems. With the most outstanding ergonomic grip, which is 47mm in diameter, the handle surface's textured pattern is elegant and non-slip. No fatigue even after prolonged use!

- LED lights and Optimized exhaust system: The bright LED light on the vacuum cleaner enhances dust visibility in the dark, which enables spotless cleaning even in the dead corners and hidden crevices, which is ideal for corner and crevice cleaning. Can you imagine this for under $100 which I didn’t have in my $500+ ones in the past? I am thoroughly impressed by the thoughtful feature set.

- Mighty Performance with low noise: Its strong suction power removes stubborn dust and particles from any surface. A 90,000-rpm brushless motor ensures both long service life and security. The unique noise reduction system enables powerful suction while retaining low noise simultaneously. Furthermore, there are numerous merits to adopting a brushless motor in our engineering. The weight of a brushless motor is only 45% of that of a brushed motor, and the lifespan of a brushless motor is approximately 10 times longer than that of a brushed motor. With a 2-times more substantial suction power, the brushless motor is 3.5 times faster than a brushed motor. The gas-powered brushless motor is 1.5 times more efficient than a brushed motor. As such you get a bargain top-of-the-line engineering marvel for a steal.

- Two-speed Modes and USB-C Charging bring Ultimate Versatility: The device is empowered with two levels of suction power to meet your individual cleaning needs. Furthermore, the USB-C port can be fully charged in 2 hours. Its high-speed gear can be used continuously for 13 minutes in regular mode, and 28 minutes in ECO mode, making it comprehensive and energy efficient. The intuitive indicator light shows the operations and low battery status at a glance. Just grab a phone charger, and you are good to go!

- Three Layers of Filtration: Its perfect combo of pre-filter and HEPA filter with air outlet sponge combination achieves the most comprehensive filtration and eliminates secondary pollution. Both filters can be easily cleaned and reused. Focus more on cleaning than dumping the trash with Its 90ml dust bin that can complete daily cleaning without frequent dust removal.

Considering the thoughtful design, ergonomics, and tech used, I wish my way more expensive ones from my early years were half as well-engineered.

Where to Buy (and Get the Best Deals)?

As the Slim H7 Pro is a debutant product in Ofuzzi’s long line of successes in larger vacs, there is a “New Arrival Discount” going on as of writing. Best of all, it’s on Amazon, so you get the best and fastest logistics to get it in a day or two. With their support, you also have a 30-day return policy should you not like it, which is extremely unlikely for such an impressive gadget.

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Final Remarks

Be it at home or on the road, if you are in for a quick cleaning situation, or have to reach for spaces where you never dared before, I would highly recommend the Slim H7 Pro. I consider health to be the first priority in my household and lifestyle as a whole. The Ofuzzi Slim H7 Pro is certainly a jovial companion in meeting my expectations in that regard without spending a pretty penny. I hope the Slim H7 Pro and the impressions above will help you create a clean and healthy household just like it should be.